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Friday, January 6, 2012

Love V.S. Wrath episode 1

Danny: Hello everyone. This is the first part of what may be a rather lengthy series on the love and wrath of God. Let's welcome our host, Ruth Ackiv.

Ruth: Thank you Danny. I'd like to tell you why I'm doing this show. I heard I sermon about the wrath of God, and the preacher said that most people only talk about God's love, while God also has wrath. Well I realized that my blog was all about God's love, but that's about to change.

Danny: Hello again, and now I introduce to you, Sandra.

Sandra: Everyone has already done the introducing for me...

Danny: It's my job!

Sandra: Did I ask? Well anyway, I get to introduce Isaiah.

Isaiah: Hi all. I'm a prophet of God and I get to share with you something about God's love, you see I had a vision where he told me all this. In my book, chapter 57...

Sandra: And verse 15.

Isaiah: I never had any verses.

Sandra: They where added.

Isaiah: Ok then...Well anyway, it says:  I restore the crushed spirit of the humble and revive the courage of those with repentant hearts.

Sandra: next, we have Moses.

Moses: Hello. I've been told I'm booked for the next show, so I'll be back again! how awesome is that?

Sandra: You're here to talk about your verse.

Moses: Right. Well in Deuteronomy...

Sandra: chapter 9, verse 19.

Moses: I could have said that.

Sandra: Continue.

Moses: It says this: I feared the anger and wrath of the LORD, for he was angry enough with you to destroy you.

Danny: Thank you Moses and Isaiah for coming to our show. 

Ruth: See you next time!

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