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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The love of God

     The                                  LORD 
     Almighty                     has purposed 
        and  who can                 thwart him? His           
      hand is stretched           out, and who can
     turn it back? For in     love a throne will be 
     established; in faithfulness a man will it on 
    it--one from the house of David--one who
   in judging seeks justice and speeds the 
   cause of righteousness. Even the poor-
est of the poor will find pasture, 
and the needy will lie down 
in safety. Isaiah
14:17; 16:

These verse are a good reminder of God's strength, and while the first verse was talking about how God punishes those who do wrong, it still communicates the same message to me, "God can do what he wants," and he doesn't need us to help him. But God loves us enough to establish a throne, "in love." And while we where still sinner, he died for us. Today is new years, and if you aren't a Christian, following Christ is the best resolution you could ever make. 
Have a wonderful year no matter where you are on the globe.
Welcome 2012!!!

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