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What I Believe

Here's what I believe about...


I think Baptism isn't needed for salvation, but is a symbol of how Jesus has saved us

Children (Are they born with sin?)


Is Homosexuality Wrong?

The Bible (Is it God's Word?)

I believe that the bible is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16), God inspired, and completely true.

Jesus (Is he fully God and Man?)
Summary-I believe Jesus is fully God and fully man

Jesus (Does he have a gender?)

Jesus is fully man (and fully God) and man has to have a gender and Jesus' gender is clearly stated as male numerous times and God is referred to as the Father.
Summary-Yes, his gender is Male.

Grace (Is it cheap or costly?)
Summary-I believe grace is costly. (But not because of what we do, because what God has to do.)

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