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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Unfamiliar Judges: Tola

After the time of Abimelech a man of Issachar, Tola son of Puah, the son of Dodo, rose to save Israel. He lived in Shamir, in the hill country of Ephraim. He led Israel twenty-three years; then he died, and was buried in Shamir.
Judges 10:1-2

Tola's grandfather was named Dodo, which is also the name of an extinct bird. And even though this passage is small, there's always research. And by that, I found out that Tola means "worm or grub" Another thing is this:

The sons of Issachar: Tola, PuahJashub and Shimron.
Genesis 46:13

The sons of Issachar: Tola, Puah, Jashub and Shimron--four in all.
The sons of Tola: Uzzi, Rephaiah, Jeriel, Jahmai, Ibsam and Samuel--heads of their families. During the reign of David, the descendants of Tola listed as fighting men in their genealogy numbered 22,600. 
The son of Uzzi: Izrahiah. 
The sons of Izrahiah: Michael, Obadiah, Joel and Isshiah. All five of them were chiefs.
1 Chronicles 7:1-4

The descendants of Issachar by their clans were: through Tola, the Tolaite clan; through Puah, the Puite clan; through Jashub, the Jashubite clan; through Shimron, the Shimronite clan. These were the clans of Issachar; those numbered were 64,25300. 
Numbers 26:23-25

So there was at least on other Tola and the Judge Tola was from the tribe of Issachar, which means that Puah probably named his son after Issachar's son. And Dodo named his son after another on of Issachar's sons. There were also Clans. Of Issachar there where 4. I don't really know what the whole clan thing was about because there were already 12 tribes, but if the clan thing was still around when the judges where, then everyone in the tribe of Issachar would know about Tola, Puah, Jashub, and Shimron for sure.

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