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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Unfamiliar Judges: Ibzan

After him, Ibzan of Bethlehem led Israel. He had thirty sons and thirty daughters. He gave his daughters away in marriage to those outside his clan, and for his sons he brought in thirty young women as wives from outside his clan. Ibzan led Israel seven years. Then Ibzan died, and was buried in Bethlehem.
Judges 12:8-10

The fact that Ibzan arrandged for all of his children to be married to someone outside of the clan is rather odd because in bible times, it was customary to be married to extended family. But also in bible times, when peace and alliances were being or trying to be made, the leader's children would marry, so there might have been some instability or lack of trust between different clans.
And seven years is not a long time! There are so many thing that could have happened in the seven years that Ibzan was a judges, but the author chose not to tell about anything. More than likely, Ibzan couldn't keep the peace. Even though the 60 children married people out of there tribe, this peace that Ibzan tried to obtain probably didn't last long. How long peace lasted, I don't know, But I do know that pretty soon after that, Elon took his turn at Judging.

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