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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today is one of my favorite days of the year because it is the day that Jesus Christ came back to life. Two days ago was Good Friday, the day that Judas decided was time to hand Jesus over to the high priest, who killed him. Jesus Christ was put on trail like a criminal and sentenced to death, even though he never ever sinned,  but almost everyone wanted him killed. Then the Romans took a cross and had Jesus carry the thing that would help kill him. When Jesus got to were he was to be hung on his cross, some soldiers took away all of Jesus' clothes but his undergarments and gambled for them and then they got out their whip, but this whip had broken glass woven into the leather whip and that was what they used to beat their king. They lashed him 40 times because if the stuck him more than 40 times, then it would kill him. Then the the people made a crown for their king by twisting thorny branches together. And they pushed that into Jesus' head. After that, they prepared the cross and nailed Jesus to it, putting a nail in both feet and in his arms. There the perfect king was carrying everyone's sin. He did that to save everyone from there sin, but there was so much sin that God could not look upon Jesus and there Jesus died, with only a few cruel guards by his side, but even they sky missed it's king because that night when moon rose into the sky, it was blood red. And since the next day was Sabbath, one of Jesus' followers moved his dead king to tomb and wrapped him in cloth. 
Since no one could do any work on the Sabbath, there were no burial spices laid on Jesus' body so after Sabbath, three women came to bring him spices, but when they came to the tomb, God was not there...
While Jesus was dead, he defeated sin. And so you do not have to live with your sin, God will forgive you because of was Jesus did.

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