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Monday, December 5, 2011

Thessalonians: another note on the conclusion

Ok, so I had a random fan E-mail me about my conclusion to Thessalonians, and what the person said was a good input on my previous, here is what they said:

What a great example about your mom writing you a letter and then “Bob” actually writing the letter. That would be disappointing.
What I think that verse might refer to is a reference to dictation. In some cases, when a boss wants to write a letter they might call their secretary in and say “I would like to write a letter” and then they speak the words that they want to have written and the secretary takes notes and then goes and types up the letter. The secretary then returns with the typed up letter and the boss proof reads the leader, makes corrections and when the final draft of the letter is ready the boss signs the letter and sends it.
Paul might have had an assistant that was writing the letter as Paul spoke. Maybe the assistant had better hand writing and was able to make the letter look nicer. As I imagine it, at some point Paul said to his assistant, “give me the pen (or quill)” and Paul finished the end of the letter by writing with his own hand. If you had a copy of the original letter, you could tell by looking at the hand writing that there was a change in who was writing the letter. If you typed up a letter on the computer, printed it out and then thought of something really important to add, you might write it with your own hand and then sign the letter by hand.

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  1. That is so cool! Your post are amazing, and I think RF (Random Fan) Has some good points. I hope you continue to do such amazing posts!

    Harold Oliver G.

  2. Hello, HOG (Harold O. G.), I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. If you every have anymore comments (Anyone!) I'd love to hear them!

    -Ruth Ackiv

  3. Yo Ruthie! Its yours truly. Even though I don't comment very often, just know that I ALWAYS read your posts. :) Your an awesome gal and it is really cool to see how God is working through you! I know I'll see you before you go on your trip, but I want to write it here before I forget to tell you..I'll be praying for you every single day!!! And, naturally, I'll miss ya. And then be mad at you for not taking me. Then be happy because your doing God's work. Then I'll be mad again, then I'll be sad...I'll stop there.

    You rock girl! BFF FOREVER!!!!!! :D