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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Flood: Painting a Picture

Ok, so some of you might think of the flood as destroying the earth, which it was, but the flood is much of than that. let me explain, the flood is like God painting a picture, of course there was creation, but God changed the world and did some touch up work when the flood happened. (I'm not saying that when God made the earth it wasn't perfect, I'm saying that sin and humans made the earth less perfect and God destroyed all living things while repairing the world.)
Imagine a mountain...many peaks behind it and just beautiful.
Keep that picture, but now think of the ocean... waves hitting the beach...and it gets better in the sand sometimes a wave leaves a mountain looking impression.
Now, imagine huge, powerful waves hitting rock and carving the mountains we see today. pretty cool? that is why creation makes sense. some people say that with an explosion the earth was created .
Ok, another picture, imagine buying a model car set, then getting all the pieces in a bag, now shake the bag...think about how long it will take you shaking the pieces up so that you have a car when you open the bag maybe...never.
When people talk about "the big bang" they are saying an explosion created the earth and universe. To me, it seems crazy to think that could happen by shaking things up.
You see, God wants us to see that he signed his picture and he left incredible evidence.

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